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Resources on COP26 and Climate Finance

Today we met and talked about one of the major topics of COP26, climate finance! We asked, what is it? What are the problems associated with it? What are different groups saying about it? Thank you to everyone who joined the conversation!

We wanted to share some of the resources that most influenced our conversations.

IPCC Climate Change Report 2021

COP26 “Everything you need to know” video

2020 Projections of Climate Finance Towards the USD 100 Billion Goal, OECD 2020

Interactive: How Climate Finance Flows around the world by Carbon Brief

The broken $100-billion promise of climate finance — and how to fix it by Jocelyn Timperley in Nature New Feature

Global Landscape of Climate Finance by Climate Policy Initiative

Poor countries must not be forced to take on debt to tackle climate crisis

COP26 Delivering the Paris Agreement A Five-Point Plan for Fairness, Solidarity, and Prosperity LDC

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